What are quality levels of popular items for AudioJungle?

I’m new and have had several tracks rejected. I keep getting the same generic response about quality. I’ve done the feedback request and adjusted accordingly but to no avail. I guess I’m looking for a frame of reference, so I can provide what is needed.

I produce R&B Hip-Hop tracks so I’m not sure what AJ is looking for at this point.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey, I am not a hip hop producer so I can’t give any technical advice here but,

From what I noticed here that AJ needs a certain arrangement within the tracks, you can’t get too experimental and your track can’t be too long (may vary from genre to genre I think)

I would check the best-sellers and the trending ones to see what is in common and what are the factors that let a track get accepted and also sold. Normal songs can of course be used in Youtube videos and whatnot but the tracks uploaded here are tailored to satisfy the customer and not give them a hard time editing them.

My only advice is to listen to the best sellers, download them and drag them into your DAW. Compare the dynamic range, spectrum and overall quality against your current project (In terms of arrangement, instrumentation and quality) and you will start to get a bigger picture on what AJ’s quality standards are.

I hope that was a bit helpful. You can post your finished products and the community will help you make sure it’s ready for submission :wink:

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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Hey, I’ve produced my fair share of hip hop style tracks for audiojungle so just thought I’d chime in.

Audiojungle overall is all about having commercial appeal with High quality instruments. I took a listen to some of your stuff and I think the ideas are not actually that bad, however, there is 2 issues that stand out.

  1. The quality of your instruments/samples sound quite dated, very old school synth like. Don’t get me wrong, old skool style stuff using audio chops works amazing for hip hop royalty free music, but yours is more like old synthesisers, a bit robotic if you catch my drift? I’d recommend upgrading to some modern synths and getting some patches for them to get started. Synths like massive, serum work great. If you wanna go for an old skool sound, pickup izotope vinyl, I use this all the time on my hip hop style beats to make things sound old and vintage. Pop that on a piano, bounce it down to audio and chop it up to make some good audio chops.

  2. The style of your beats are going more towards beats people would rap on which doesn’t sit well with the whole commercial appeal factor at audiojungle. Hip hop beats were a massive trend in vlogs and lifestyle videos on YouTube over the last year and making stuff more towards that market, which is huge, appeals commercially. Try watching some vlogs on YouTube that use some hip hop beats to get an idea of what I mean.

At the end of the day, in every genre, composing for royalty free music sites has an adjustment to make. You can make the best beat ever someone could rap on but it still wouldn’t make it to a high quality royalty free music site because the market buying here isn’t for that purpose.

Keep going and don’t get caught up on audiojungle rejects, they are actually trying to help you on your royalty free music journey by pushing you towards the commercial market. They have been around for a long time and know it very well. You’ll get there if you keep going, good luck :blush:


Thanks for the feedback. I will have to check out the best sellers, so i can figure out what to do next.

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Thanks so much for breaking down like that. I do come from playing in live bands and church so I can understand how I may be composing with an artist/singer in mind.

As stated earlier I have to find some sort of reference tracks to study.

Also thanks for the tip on not getting caught up on AJ rejects. It surely did bother me, since I have been successful with these tracks in other libraries.

Welp another failure. I’m finding that AJ very hard to decode. I don’t think my sound library is very much different from what I have so far on AJ.

I’m not starting 2020 on a good note…