Do AJ have some policy against samples?

So i made this track using Arcade samples mixed with instruments played by myself.
All the tracks i made using samples didnt get accepted, and the ones that i havent got in!
Are they all not good enough? or do they have some kind of policy against samples?
I’m a beginner so i don’t know if this track is good enough to get in.

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Hey there! I think this track sounds really good! :slight_smile: I like it a lot and can picture it being used during sports broadcasts.

As far as samples go, I think that samples libraries like splice (and I think Arcade) are able to be used as we have permission to use them royalty free for commercial use. I would caution against using only loops, as I think there is something in the guidelines about having to put your own touch on it. You said that you played some instruments yourself, so I think you should be good on that end. As long as you are not sampling someone else’s copyrighted material, you should be fine.

Take all of this with a grain of salt, as I am still sort of new here! I would advise you to check what evanto says about samples or loops in the help center.