Splice loops? How does it work?

Guys I wanted to try some questions.
If I were to compose songs with loops or vocal parts coming from splice, would there be limitations, both in audio jungle and in the straming sites if I didn’t load it on audio jungle ?? Can all this be done? And also earn through indentify or advr without rights or copyright problems?

Obviously I am talking about evident and well audible loops, consenting parts!

Thanks to all !!

Here is the info about it;

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yes I read, however, I don’t understand why it’s about non-royalty free loops. should splice be rroyality free correct? so is it possible?

You must be the composer of the loop to use it.

PS; " Submissions based entirely on royalty-free sample loops with little in the way of added production, engineering, or original composition applied are not allowed on AudioJungle."