Can we use Daw Samples?

Hey guys, i found this song and i know this sample. Im send a ticket and envato just say “thank you”. This sample belongs to apple logic pro daw. If we can use this samples, i can make 1 million song and send to envato. What are your opinions?

sample you can find in logic pro " Afghanistan Sand Rabab"

First of all thanks for attention! We all appreciate it.

We can use samples and loops if we buy license for their use. I’m not a Logic user but I believe that Logic license works same as other DAWs = you can use its samples, loops, VSTs and effects however you like, including commercial use.

There is one exception: you can’t use them in a library which is a typical sample/loop library e.g. FX category on AJ. But in my opinion Music category is legit with on-board DAW samples and loops.

I thought this was copyright violation. Thank you for this information.

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Hi RedOctopus,
We can’t use a loop.
Recently one of my pieces has been removed because the main guitar based on loop.
Even I thought it could be done because a couple of months ago I heard a song whose main melody was based on a loop taken by Splice.
So be attention.

All the best

Here the policy:

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Hello @liosound

I have to disagree. Article you have linked says among other things that:

  • we can’t upload directly loops
  • we can’t upload tracks made entirely on loops
    [edit after discussion:]
  • we cant’t upload tracks made heavily on loops

Use of loops is allowed. I wonder what was a message from the reviewer? Are you sure the main reason was a guitar loop?

Here the message by reviewer:
"We are contacting you in regards to your item we have been forced to remove from our library; []

Please note it was reported and confirmed that this submission is not eligible to be licensed on AudioJungle in its current form. We are force to remove it from the library. In fact, this track appears to contain “out-of-the-box” audio loop/samples without enough, if any, significant adaptation [the main guitar sample]

In order to establish AudioJungle as a reputable resource for unique audio, we do not accept submissions that heavily rely on pre-existing “out-of-the-box” audio loops/samples from sample packs, DAWS, or any other audio software.

Please ensure future submissions are original compositions that are not heavily reliant on audio loops/samples you did not create yourself."

In order of that I removed all the track with loops!

So I think we can use a loop only if:
modified or layering with another one and no more recognizable
the loop is not the main part
the loop is a drum loop

Here my answer!:laughing:

yes, this is “common sense” I guess…
If it is too obvious that you used a premade loop, and that it is really the “meat” of your track, then I understand it is not allowed.

It happened to me to find excellent tracks… only to hear nearly the same one some time after, by another composer, because they had used the exact same pre made loop…

Yhm. It’s hard for me to judge without listening to your track, but it looks like they can ban track which is not only entirely based on loop, but also… “heavily”. In fact they write about it in the article. Of course if it’s not a human factor review mistake.

@trabemas so it looks like this track can be considered as something not allowed, though it’s hard to judge, because there are no obvious rules about it.

Yes! I agree.
Fortunately it’s no a practice that I have used so much.
I have started since I heard here in AudioJungle a track based on loop.
So Splice only for samples!!!

Only the guitar was loop but it was the main part!
I agree with reviewer decision.

Every one uses samples. Including you. Guess you meant loop or construction kits.

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I think it’s normal to use a sample (one shots sample like a kick sample or snare or hey etc… ).

Haha and I don’t respect producers using real instrumenst. The only proper way is to plant a tree, build instrument by your own, mine sources for electronic parts, create your own microphones and then you can record real music :wink:


I can’t find it, but there was a nice text about this, it was something like that:

producer finding that using drum loops was cheating
so he decided to use only “one shot” samples
then still cheating, so decided to learn how to play real drums
but then still cheating, decided to build own drums, snare
then still cheating, so decided to raise goats… to get goat skin for the drums…
and… oh well, no time to make music now anyways :slight_smile:

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found it::

“I thought using loops was cheating, so I programmed my own using samples. I then thought using samples was cheating, so I recorded real drums. I then thought that programming it was cheating, so I learned to play drums for real. I then thought using bought drums was cheating, so I learned to make my own. I then thought using premade skins was cheating, so I killed a goat and skinned it. I then thought that that was cheating too, so I grew my own goat from a baby goat. I also think that is cheating, but I’m not sure where to go from here. I haven’t made any music lately, what with the goat farming and all.”


If we use a sample or loop as a main melody in our track, its okay right? But hundreds of producers can use exactly same sample-loop, then its makes all songs similar. Its a big problem for creativity. Where is the line?

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After discussion I have to say: it looks like it’s not ok, only if the main loop is a basic, unedited obvious part.

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It’s also a big problem for audio recognition technologies. Many false positive, copyrights claim from other tracks,… it can become a real mess real quick.


Just for fun:
I did not know about the polemics… I simply found the music great… so ok… it is entirely made of nearly untouched Logic Pro loops…