Can we use Daw Samples?

Guys don’t be confused! If you spend 200-300$ buying a Kontakt library which have thousands of presets (let’s say arpeggiated synths) and you use one preset to your song, this is NOT cheating!
Of course you would like to change somehow the pattern in order not to match exactly with someone else’s using the same preset to his song…
Keep in mind that there are lots of authors here who uploads construction kits from sample CDs. And I mean the exact demo which given by the company!

This is strictly forbidden. I have seen many cases where authors uploading construction kit tracks “as is” have had their tracks removed. Of course, for this to happen, someone needs to report it and provide evidence of their allegations.

@EightBallAudio totally agree that is forbidden, but sorry, I have better things to do than finding all these guys, report them and provide evidence of their allegations.
I don’t blame envato for not checking somehow if the tracks are stolen because I understand that is a very difficult thing to do, but it’s so unfair if these guys get sales and earn money doing NOTHING!

I love using DAW samples, they are cleared for use, they are sharp, they have impact.

If the samples don’t make you tap your foot, but the song that you make with them does, then good!

I would think it’s down to the AJ directors’ boardroom whether it’s allowable for creative use of the samples, but considering it got approved to begin with, that’d mean it made someone’s foot tap.

So, in my oppinion: Why the producers of music software put some samples pack in almost every DAW if we can’t use them to make music? I think if we take one loop (not from demo) and make a song with it and put it on AJ for sale it’s NOT a cheat. We don’t give hundread of dollars for a DAW licence for not using the loops that came with it. It’s just like we can’t use Nexus pressets or Maschine expansions because they are part of their software. It stupid!! They are made for making music. That’s it!!
And by the way, stop watching other’s works, ticketing to Envato for nothing! You will not become more popular! Just make good music and help other authors!

From a certain point of view you are definitely right, all the loops that are on splice or in the daw or in sample packs are made to be used and certainly is not like cheating.
But here in AudioJungle they are not allowed.
Surely this is to be respected because it is part of the rules.
Here there are people (myself too!) who dedicate all their time to making tracks for Audiojungle, and certainly when you see that an author does not respect the rules should be said at least.

All the best

Thanx.I erase this item,but i buy All.I created a new song for commercial.What is wrong?

Hello!I erase this item.I buy l Logic Pro X with licence until wrote commercial for AudiojungleI hope u r satisfied.Thnx for nothing.

@liosound what do you mean “here in AJ they don’t allow samples from DAWs or sample packs”, so from Kontakt libraries too!
I’m pretty sure you have checked all thousands of epic/cinematic tracks here. 99% based in ready strings patterns from Kontakt libraries.
I think that what is not allowed is to just record this string pattern and sell it here as a single string pattern.

@blackstop here the rules:

We can discuss a lot of time on this because there’s no a certain line.
In the rules above there is written audio software than also kontakt if the instrument produce a loop.
As RedOctopus said we can use “only if the main loop is a basic, unedited obvious part”

I have listened a lot of track in epic style and I think that the strings often were written. Maybe they are also based on loops with native instruments tools or others one but I can’t proof this.

Anyway I only know that I used a loop for my track and my piece was removed and for the future I will use them with more more attention.

I’ve deleted my rant on the matter, because life’s too short (which was the gist of the rant too).