Copyright question about Samples, VSTs and so on ||| Audiojungle

HI everyone

I am thinking about selling some music on AudioJungle. Before I do that, I would like to find out more about the Copyright/legal issue. I thought it would be easy to find some info about it, but I just couldn’t find a solution to my questions. So I am going to ask you guys here:

Let’s say I purchased a Sample CD with lots of samples. As far as I know, I would be allowed to use those samples in a musical composition and then sell this composition on Audiojungle. As far as I know, I would NOT be allowed to sell the individual samples on their own. So let’s say I have a piano sound from a sample library and I would like to sell just this sound, this would be illegal, I guess? I guess the same goes for Music FX samples that I bought from a company like let’s say Loopmasters or so.

However, what I really need to know is: Let’s say I have a synthesizer at home that comes with some installed sounds and I’m playing a song just with those sounds: Is it legal to sell this (on Audiojungle)?

What about the use of VSTs? If I purchased a Bass VST (let’s say Trilian) and I am going to play a 10 second bassline, can I sell this on AudioJungle without causing a copyright infringement?

If somebody could answer those questions, I would highly appreciate it. It’s not so easy after all to find answers to these specific questions. I really tried and could just find some vague answers. So please guys, share your knowledge and tell me what I am actually allowed to sell here



You’ve got it right, you can sell a music piece based on the samples, but you can’t sell the samples themselves as part of a library. Even sampled loops are covered, you buy the license to use them in your songs.

Exceptions are eg. the latest Big Fish sample construction kits, I think you need a permission of them to use it in a commercial song. And I don’t think these construction kits are allowed on Audiojungle anyway, they need more original music.
It’s better to check the license conditions of any sample library first! :wink:

Same goes with sounds in a synth (hard- or software). You can sell music that you made with these presets, but you can’t sell the presets themselves in eg. a soundbank.

All depends on the licenses of the samples. The only rule for uploading on AudioJungle is that you own the sounds or a license to use the sounds… so there’s no specific Envato rules about what you can and can’t use… that’s up to the person/company you’re buying the sounds from.

There is no problem using loops / samples form this kind of sites loopmasters or producer loops or even .

Just check this text from their policy:

All products from Loops.Directory are sold as ‘royalty free,’ which means that they are licensed, not sold to you, by Loops.Directory. Loops.Directory is either the owner or entitled licensee of the products on sale. By making payment for a product you are granted the right to incorporate them in a music production, film, tv program, website or other media production, without paying any additional royalties, license fees, or any other fees to Loops.Directory or any third parties. Copying, re-selling, leasing, duplicating or distribution in any form of the products for sale, other than outlined in the ‘License Agreement’, is strictly prohibited. This extends, but is not limited, to file sharing websites, web forums, computer networks and file hosting websites. Products cannot be distributed in their original format or sold in a manner that would be considered competitive with the nature of Loops Directory business.