Hi Team, one user 6 templates purchased 2days ago. But today all reversals ?

Hi Team, one user 6 templates purchased 2days ago. But today all reversals ? What’s happening ? User purchased from Colombia ? Any payment issue ? Or after downloading trying to cheeting ? We are absorbed some repeated users always monthly 2-5 sales reversals ?

I cannot understand why this happened ?



Thank you for your suggestion url. You have found any solution ?

There’s no solution, sadly.

If the buyer was trying to “cheat” they would only buy 1 license rather than 6. It sounds like there might have been an issue with the payment or something? Maybe the funds will come back soon… :thinking:

Hi, 6 different templates not one template.

Oh! :tired_face:
That sucks man, sounds like textbook abuse after all. Sorry that happened to you. :confused:

Envato makes a valiant effort to stop abuse before it happens (here’s the evidence), but it’s impossible to catch them all, and real buyers already get caught up in those efforts. One of the unfortunate disadvantages of selling digital goods.

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It happens unfortunately, I had one too this week. There’s nothing you can do…

Can I report ?

Hmm. I’m not sure there would be any advantage to opening a ticket for this. Envato is already aware of the chargeback considering they took the funds from your account, and they will be attempting to retrieve the funds back if possible.

But if you want to open a ticket, you can do so here → https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

They could potentially give you more information about the incident, but no guarantees.

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Thank you for your support :slightly_smiling_face:

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He/she could be using a stolen credit card and which might be reported by the real owner. So, cheating! You must report which sales.

Again 4 sales reversals today. This month 15 sales revarsals.

Dude, I was open 3 topics with same theme. I got 8 reversals a row. Each Month my producs just steal. Envato to nothing with this and won t do something. They are all time send same robot text: - all good, not our problems, we just a big market and our client only lose the money, this happens, don`t worry.

I notice that this is stars happen in this year. In 2020 I got 1 reversale per 3 month. In 2021 I get 5-10 per Month.

Envato say that can`t do domething, but they can ban just PayPal! But no, better ban account. Man goes and creates a new account. Steals the product again. It gets banned and it repeats itself. They do not want to ban PayPal or payment cards in the way that makes them profitable.

They don’t even want to compensate for the damage. They do nothing and do not compensate, but this is their store and they must be the guarantor of quality.

Envato incurs fees when certain types of chargebacks occur (I think it’s $20 for PayPal and $15 for credit cards). They cover those fees instead of relaying them onto you. Therefore, to say that they are ignoring the issue because it makes them “profitable” is completely inaccurate. They are losing money when this happens, too.

It would be more accurate to say that Envato can’t do anything. If a fraudster tries to make a new account, they will in most cases catch and disable the new account too, but it’s not possible to get it right 100% of the time.

I would argue that the responsibility for this should be PayPal’s instead. After all, it is their job to protect merchants like Envato. And considering PayPal also loses millions of dollars each year from fraud, and considering the fact that even PayPal hasn’t found a solution, I certainly won’t expect Envato to find one.

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