Hi - My item was rejected today, am looking for some feedback on it.

Hi there, I submitted an item today that was rejected by ThemeForest review theme. It is a Gatsby based theme that can be previewed here: https://org.designandmint.com/.

I am not sure why it has been rejected but the reason stated was that it did not meet aesthetic requirements.

I would love any feedback here.



I think you aimed at a minimalistic design but unfortunately, it lacks strength especially your typeface and your typography hierarchy, which are very weak. There are also spacing and alignment issues throughout the template as well as some design problems and a lack of attention regarding details. Navigation is pretty poor, especially on mobile where some of the problems mentionned above are even stronger. Overall it’s not a bad project, but it’s still far from the quality and the premium feel expected for new products nowadays on themeforest. Get some more inspiration, sharpen your skills, and keep working and learning from your mistakes. You’ll get there. Best.

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Thank you very much for the feedback!