why rejected my themeforest item please support me

please help me…

why rejected my themeforest item please support me…

Plesse anybody tell me why rejected my this new project


Sorry, But I think that It have a very old design, pack of design consistency and so on. The design Is your main reason for rejection.

Thanks bro for reply…and nice advice

@Unknow20031 Can you please take a look to my rejected ghost theme https://aesto.inoryum.com

I posted a thread but got no viable answers yet… so if you could take a look

& @websalah i am sorry to enter into your thread with my problem…

Thank you both


Your item is’t bad, Is a good starter point. But It isn’t so unique in its design, It is’t bad but at the same time is very basic. For example the About Page, Is Simply dummy text, and other Pages too appear without significant functionalities or something like that. You need to give it a fresh new design, some unique functionalites and design blocks. As said the item is’nt so bad. Keep working on It.

Glad to hear the your feedback. Thanks for your suggestion…