Hi i live in turkey. my acount is already blocked!! i don't know why?

please i live in turkey & my acount is blocked!!!

this is my telephone number: 00905386840525
i can send you my location service,plz unlock my acount
USER: Dreamforte

For account issues you need to open a ticket and speak to support here

i did not yet earn anymoney,
I made a music in audiojungle named “Love has no boundaries.”
:frowning: I am so sad that i’m block.

Thank you for your helping but they want a w8 form!!!
I can send them my location service!!!

I don’t think you would be blocked for not submitting a W8 form - that’s only related to the amount of tax you pay when you sell files.

If you open a ticket then they will check what happened and help you fix it

My country(turkey) is not restricted.

they don’t have a good supportiviity