hi i everyone please help me

hi everyone i want to ask you about review and how to upload my website without any reject from envato please help me

You can share your demo link on the forums here for feedback but no one can guarantee approval.

If you follow original design, fictional execution and general modern best practices then you should be ok

http://mugiwara.bitballoon.com/ thats my demo link my friend and thanks

With respect, this is not close and you will need to take time to familiarise yourself with the standards for here and the quality expectations.

  • The basics incl typography, spacing, alignment, hierarchy etc. are all way off

  • The concept is overdone and lacks originality

  • Code doesn’t validate

  • images are stretched

  • lost of inconsistency

  • CTA top right doesn’t do anything

  • footer spacing is enbveen with copies txt links

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