Submitted but Rejected

Hello @n2n44

As you know, I have tried multiple times to submit my design in the Envato marketplace but no luck to get it approved till now. It would be great if you could guide me with this issue. Can you please highlight any specific requirement that my design is not fulfilling?

I had a look at other approved designs for help but they are too raw as compared to mine which is astonishing that they got approved.

Here is my document that you can look at and suggest any improvements - Sparta Saas Bussiness.xd • Droplr

Thank you.

hi pls show me a preview of this file here in this thread and i will let u know what i think about your item and what u may have done wrong , thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sparta-Preview-Iamge.jpg • Droplr – This is submission Preview
Home Page.jpg • Droplr – PSD Preview Image

thank u , well i am far from being an expert for websites to say the least , though i would like to provide u with general design observations, so to speak. U have sort of an issue with contrast as i get to understand why u do this, this is for harmony of colors, but indeed, some of the texts are offering very little contrast with the background which basically means that they are neither outstanding, nor even really readable indeed … I also identify that websites and other designs have differences but i tend to believe that the typo is sort of a bit flat all the same and that introducing a bit originality would not hurt> besides, this about the typo, i believe that titles do not look particularly good to say the , this black (a bit coming of the blue) and very bold combination is not super aesthetic in this context if u ask me. I also figure out why u did just this, but indeed, the wave that u introduced brings into trouble when it comes to organizing elements in an optimized way , there is sort of a feeling of misbalance resulting from it if u wish as the spacing necessarily varies visually speaking in such a case , u did not really manage to handle it super well so that u benefit it rather than “suffer from it” if i can call this this way … finally i would also add that , what is a bit disturbing here is that u can kind of set up “call to action” buttons but they do not really catch the attention nor do they push to click so to speak, it’s a bit in the end as if u were missing the bull’s eye with the concerned element …

Thank you for your inputs…