Help with .zip files. All of my queued items are being rejected.

Hi there,

So I’m new to Envato and I spent a week preparing a whole bunch of photoshop addons.

Now that they’re getting reviewed, they’re all being rejected due to a problem with my .zip files.

I am using Windows 10, and the Envato reviewers are using Mac. All I have done to create the .zip files is right click on my .abr (photoshop brush file) and select “Send to -> Zip file”

When the review opens it they get an “Error 32 - Broken Pipe”. (Screenshot:

Googling about this error just gives me results about how to fix it on the Mac user’s end, which doesn’t help me.

I’m not a very techy person so any help would be hugely appreciated.

hi , how do u know that this is a technical / zip file issue that u have? were u just soft rejected and provided with an explanation as regard to what u need to fix? as for me, a zip file issue leading to a rejection looks strange, can u copy and paste what they told u in their rejection message pls?

Hey there,

so the first rejection had this message:

“The zip file seems to be corrupt as it crashes when we try to open it. Make sure you create a new zip file and submit it back for review.”

I contacted the help center right away and asked them to explain further, so with that file (let’s call it File A) I was sent the screenshot I linked above.

Then I got another rejection, now File B, with this text:

“The zip file is corrupt. You need to send it back for review and make sure the zip file works correctly and it can open up properly.”

And finally, a third rejection of File C. with this text: “Zip file is corrupt.”

After having my third item rejected, I tried re-zipping File B with 7zip instead of the native windows utility, and that was also rejected, with this text:

"Not sure this is an issue between Mac and Windows as you can imagine that we have a lot of authors here on GraphicRiver and not all of them use Mac same as we do. Also you need to take in consideration that the client that may purchase your item may plan to use it on a Mac computer as well.

So you need to make this functional on any platform. The issue may be due to the software used to archive the files. I am going to Hard Reject this to allow you to freshly submit the item back for review and ban any other issues that may occur during upload."

------The thing is--------
I have had two friends test the zip files (both native windows and 7zip versions) and they had no error whatsoever. They both use windows.

I have no idea what would cause a “error 32 - broken pipe” error message on Mac, so I have no idea what to do. This is pretty upsetting, because I’m hitting a wall before even being able to upload 1 file.

I always use winrar to create a zip file when submitting new items.

Try it, it may work.

I also use only winrar and never had problems.
Maybe is from 7zip.

Hi @ElaineSaulnierDettma,

are you using the default Mac Archive Utility to compress your items ?

I used to use some third party softwares with my Mac and had a similar problem with the reviewers when i was new in GraphicRiver. Just make sure to put all your files in a folder, name it properly, then right click and compress it using the standard Mac utility. Keep in mind that your items were “Soft rejected” as it was not possible for them to review, so check the hidden items tab in your profile to make the modifications and submit the files for review again ( you won’t have to wait long, as it counts as a resubmission ).

As I said in my original post. I am using windows 10, and the envato reviewers are using Mac Archive Utility to unzip.

Anyways, I figured out the solution. Winrar + putting the file in a folder and zipping the folder seems to work nicely.

WinRAR seems to be the best.
I remember having read an Audiojungle FAQ where they say that Winzip is causing problems… and the builtin zip from Windows, never used it in my entire life, I would never trust it!