Soft Rejection! Please help me... :(

This is the first time, my same Item got soft rejected three times due to zip file corrupt reason.

Can someone tell me how you pack zip file? with what method n software name?

I use windows native compressed file option.

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WinZip or 7zip. I’m on Mac and use default compress option and works like a charm, although I did have problems opening Windows default compressions.

Try WinZip! :slight_smile:



I use jZip, never had any problems with it.

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This is what i get very tricky?!$ I change Archive format zip from 7z.

Should I have to change anything else? btw, i have seen that small window spacestockfootage shared.

It’s clearly saying 7zip software makes files corrupt.

Pretty straightforward. Give it a shot! :wink:

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hi this may come from the zip file or the file itself maybe the best solution for u may be to give a try by saving the finished as another file and to compress it again …

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Thank You all for helping me! The file approved yesterday. Windows default compression sometimes uses “deflate64” method instead “deflate” for large files. So i used 7zip to compress the file, default settings just have to change extension to “ZIP”. file is successfully compressed using “deflate” method.

cool, happy for you buddy :slight_smile: good luck for the approval now :slight_smile: and for sales afterwards too :slight_smile:

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