Help with rejected music

Hi, all!
My track was just rejected and I’d like to hear opinions on why this may have happened. The rejection message I received is one that I found many times in the forums here - “this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.”
Your thoughts would be appreciated! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Hi very nice and interesting composition but everything sounds dated.

Hi.Your track has a nice emotional charge. In my opinion there are too many elements fighting for their place in the mix. Lots of counter melodies and textural tracks, which are masking the main lead ( or leads in your case).Average human perception ( not musicians perception, which is specialised) can focus on maximum of 3 elements in the same time.Try to redo the track focusing on some main element, let the other tracks way lower, as a textural addition, again, try to simplify a bit the chord progression. Less is more.The mix might be improved in order to get more presence and definition. In my subjective opinion, the main rejection issue is the way too convolutive chord progression of the track.And as Audioland mentioned, the sounds are a bit outdated.Hope that helps.

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Glad i could help. Being a professional conductor will help you understand better than many the concept of dynamic layering and voicing. Also, there are lots of authors who are releasing classical music tracks which are selling really good.Maybe you will find a really good niche on that genre.Good luck further.Cheers.

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also snare is lost! needs volume
mix is a bit blurry, could have more separation and clarity, also the drums could use some breaks and stops

mastering could be better