Help with post navigation

Hello there!

I’m making a few changes on my personal site:
It’s built upon a envato template called OM.

Since I’m not a coder I’m struggling to change a couple of things so I’d really much appreciate some help:

  1. In the home page I’d like to change the text in the right below that says “Older posts” to “Artículos anteriores”. If you clic in this text it goes to another posts page which is fine but I’d also like to replace the text “Newer posts” with “Artículos recientes”. How can I do that? Also, the arrows that go with these texts seem to be missing and don’t know how to get them back.

  2. I’d like to reduce the margin in the footer under the social media icons. Now it displays a lot of white space.

  3. Last: it seems I can’t upload an svg image as a logo so I uploaded my logo in png. However it seems a little fuzzy. I tried downloading a plugin called SVG support but when I upload the svg logo in the header it displays a super-tiny version. How can I fix this and have an svg logo in a proper size?

Any suggestions/recommendations will be very appreciated :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! Waiting for your reply.

Please contact the author of the theme

Thanks. I already did but nobody answered.

Try to write a comment

I just got a reply today. Thanks for your help!