Problem updating my Template

I need support for the vizeon wordpress

theme am using for my website, i’ve never been able to get support since i got this subscription. My questions are:

  1. I want to know where to change the header logo and address, please explain where i can do it.
  2. I want to know where to change the footer logo and contents, please explain where and how i can do it.
  3. I don’t know how to edit the background of the image on the body of the theme, please explain how i can do them.

Find attached relevant screenshot. If needed. I await your response.

NOTE: You need to have a support system for your products, i’ve never had one, it’s wasted 3 days for me. I must comment that i’ve not been able to get any support since i joined this subscription plan, so it might not worth renewing my subscription if it’s giving no support going forward.

Kind regards,

Abdulazeez Idiaro


Are you referring to this version?

I only ask because you used the word subscription, so I didn’t know if you meant you purchased via Elements???

Yes, that’s the theme. I purchased it via elements.

Hi @ediaro,

All items on Envato Elements are created by independent authors. Due to this and the nature of Envato Elements unlimited subscription, Envato Elements cannot provide direct technical support or advice on the use of items.
Envato Elements does not provide technical support for any items. More info Here.