Can anyone recommend a Wordpress theme?


Can anyone recommend a Wordpress theme for my website to promote my Envato portfolio? I’m using a Themeforest WP theme at the moment, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Probably can’t link to my existing site here, but it’s not too hard to find.

I kind of like the one I’ve got, I won’t say what theme it is, but there’s a few things that I’m not too keen on…

  1. I can add items to the main/home page and if they’re just images, then they look good, but then it’s just a bunch of images. I’d rather have some kind of title so people can easily tell what they’re looking at, but when I add a title it’s got a massive text box underneath it, so it doesn’t look very good.

  2. All the items are always ordered by date. Most of time that’s ok, but it would be nice to ‘sticky’ some of my best stuff near the top. I don;t think that’s possible with my current theme.

  3. Would be nice to have some kind of top bar above the item page, like a mini home page. I like having all my stuff on the main landing page, but it’s not 100% clear what’s going on when somebody new turns up. The ability to add some kind of top bar with a bit of text just saying “Word up! Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!.. this is a bunch of space stuff yo, check it out!” etc etc

  4. If I add a Youtube video to one of the item pages, then there’s about half a dozen options with regards to the layout and how big the Youtube video is. The thing is, half of the choices result in it being a massive video and half of them result in it being tiny.

Here’s some things it needs to have…

  1. Easy to install. I’m no web wizard.
  2. Quick and easy to update. I’m creating as lot of content for my Envato portfolio and I’m lazy when it comes to updating my site so anything that makes adding items, images and Youtube videos would be great (maybe there are some CodeCanyon plugins out there that could help?)
  3. Needs to look clean, modern, simple yet stylish. I make stock footage and assets that relate to science, astronomy and sci-fi… so no Papyrus fonts or anything!
  4. Is it possible to transfer content over from one theme to another? I’m guessing not, that would be too easy.

Would be nice if I could sell my non-exclusive items on there as well… so some kind of store/commerce/digital downloads thing… but that’s just a nice to have. Maybe in the future.

And that’s about it, any suggestions would be much appreciated!


You can tell the new forums aren’t working that well… you give people a chance to pimp out their products to a prospective buyer and there’s no response! :laughing:

I’m not complaining, I don’t expect help and there’s no obligation for authors to queue up to suggest stuff in the unlikley event I buy something from them, but if you ask an AudioJungle author the time and they’ll try and sell you one of their tracks! :wink:

If there was a dedicated Themeforest forum then this probably wouldn’t have got so lost in the noise. The support issues hasn’t helped though. Don;t provide support… get paid. Do provide support… get paid less. Makes complete sense.

I appreciate we want to bring all the authors together into some kind of happy-happy, joy-joy community… but there’s just too much stuff now. It’s hard to separate my wood from everyone’s trees.

A professional and good looking website will attract your visitors which will turn into potential customers. So, better get it done from a WordPress expert.

I would suggest to hire a WordPress developer to design your website and once it is done, you do the content editing and maintenance part ahead.

Regarding choosing a theme, I guess any modern portfolio theme can go with your requirement.

I am a WordPress theme dev myself. But, I am also available for custom web design work only on weekends :wink:

But why spend hundreds, more likely thousands, of dollars to have a custom site designed; when several Wordpress experts have already designed a whole bunch of professional and good looking templates? :wink:

It’s just somewhere to plonk my portfolio, give a quick overview of who I and and what I offer, and the occasional blog post. Doesn’t need to revolutionise the face of the internet or anything.