Help with non working purchased support

I have purchased new support period for uDesign WordPress theme. Had to create a new account (owner has changed, website and forum too, nothing of the old things work) and got out a service ticket. From this moment on I could an cannot even log into my (new) account. I got some messages why this is so but nothing changed. I cannot get my purchased support. Sorry to say, but worthless.

I have to change my theme because the last upgrade is a complete new theme and nothing on my (and others) website can work with. And I will have to move away from uDesign because of the change of so bad support which was excellent as long as Andon did it.

How can I get envato to know my problem this was company taking my money? I think they at least should know about but did not find any mail address.


You can contact Envato support.

Soprry for delay.

Thank you for the link!

Kind regards