Help with how to adjust delay for corporate music!

Hello everyone,

I’m starting with basics, I want to be another author in audiojungle, maybe i a few years, I’m studying mix from the beginning, now I want to write my first corporate track and mix it but I need some help, about the delay with a muted guitar or whatever, I can’t find the way to do it correctly, I know it depends of timing, but maybe you know some tips/tricks to make it work, I really want to know how to you use delay for corporate music, the only thing I know is about the ping pong effect and to try to sync with the track but I know that’s not enough, so can you help me somehow?

I’m using stealth delay by Polygon sheep, do you know a better delay? :slight_smile:

Thanks you all

This might help you,

If you don’t use logic some of the information/principles might help you understand but in general youtube should be able to answer a lot of your questions especially when starting out. I hope that helps in some way :slight_smile:


As @OceansAudio says youtube is a great source for learning and finding proper lessons on any level you are in. Just type your concern in search and i am sure you’ll find what you are looking for.


Thanks a lot! I will check this out right now

Thank you so much :slight_smile: any channel recommended? I’ve been watching a lot, spanish channels mostly (I’m from there) but maybe there’s some interesting English channels about mix :slight_smile: Thanks again

Hey Again,

Lots out there, can be overwhelming.

I always found this pyramind channel really useful. High quality information, their videos have been going for years some of the earlier stuff is excellent.

For mixing try Pensado’s Place, high end mixers with long form interviews and shorter info videos.

Good luck!


You made my day, thanks a lot, for sure this gonna be useful! :heart_eyes:

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No problems!

oceans, I got another question, do you know if I can do some quality productions only with samples in kontakt for example? or I will have to pay a proffesonal studio? Thanks :slight_smile:


My guess would be that most people on Audiojungle don’t have a professional studio and you will be able to produce excellent songs with a computer, DAW, some samples and something along the lines of Kontakt.


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Thanks oceans, so I need more practice mixing, cause I got everything in my house, thanks again!!

Hey, Yeah just practise, repetitions, just like how you learn anything really.
Good luck!!

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Sync it with DAW tempo and play around with the delay options (straight, dotted, etc.).

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OK!!! thanks you all! :slight_smile: