Deelay on guitar!

Hi! What’s deelays on guitar themes in “corporate” and “upbeat” do you use? By pedals while recording using amp and mic or VST in DAW?


I’m using PingPong delay in Ableton. Sometimes Guitar Rig FXs.

Waves H delay classic profile and set to bpm. But you need a standard pattern on your guitar playing to get it smooth.
If you mean this kind of corporate

Yes, the Waves H delay is pretty good!! Also i like delay from POD6 (exactly for corporate style)

I also use pingpong in Ableton, I think it’s one of the best for this kind of music. Glad to know someone else has caught on to that too!

H delay by Waves and also Bionic Delay. It depends on style of your corporate track.

I use EchoBoy, but now I ordered Deluxe Memory Man, cause… yeah, why not? :smile: