Track for sending agdiojungle

I recently wrote this track, the style turned out to be corporate. I want to know your opinion whether it is worth sending this track to the audio jungle, will it match the level to be accepted? And what mistakes or shortcomings are there in the track?

Hey. Yes, it is similar in content to a corporate track. Take advantage of a few reference tracks to create a corporate sound as well. It may be necessary to replace the sounds of some parts to fit the genre.

Thanks a lot for the advice. It’s important for me.

Nice try overall a nice song, but…

From start, some channel has obvious clicks, maybe something like gating plugin does it.

the kick has no punch, it disappears inside the mix, most pronounced elements should be bass and kick.

Try to make more clean and punchier-in your face mixes. Try mixing in mono too, to observate details. Also listen in headphones for nasty stuff like clicks so you can clean it up

Thanks for your opinion, this is important to me.