Can you please help with my first corporate track/try?

Hello Everybody!

This is my second forum topic here,
so please let me know if I’m doing something wrong
so I can learn from my mistake.

I saw topics about rejected items here,
and I never made a corporate track before,
so I thought I try to ask for improvement tips on my first corporate track
before I send it to the reviewers.

Here is a SoundCloud link:

Thank you very much for your help/tips!

Everybody have a great day!

The link doesnt work.

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Oh, I’m sorry I set it to Private because SoundCloud wrote something like if I set it to Private then only people who has the link can see/listen to it.
(It looks like they say the link will work, but it really doesn’t for some reason.)

I’ve changed it to public, so it should work now.

Most likely it can be accepted here (30%)! But for me personally, mixing is not very good, as well as the selection of instruments. The arrangement is also not the best.
Try listening to truly inspiring tracks in the same genre.
Good luck!

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Thank you for your fast reply and feedback! I really appreciate it.

Could you please tell me maybe the biggest problem with the mixing of this track so I know what to focus on the most to improve it?

Thank you so much!

(PS.: I’m just learning mixing and I’m not good enough at it yet (at least not for AudioJungle I think), and I try to figure out by myself how to do mixing well enough and at the moment I have no clue what I’m doing wrong, so advice like yours here is close to invalueable to me)