Help with building a plugin



Hi, is there anyone who is able to build a plugin for the Sport_AK theme that I use? My family and I have sports competitions and I need a WordPress plugin where I can add all the teams that play for example NHL, then the people will chose who they think will win the specific matches. If they answer correct they will get 1 point which will then be added towards their total.

I have a spreadsheet where I do this at the moment, the only thing I have to do is to add the points as well as the winner and then the persons total point is updated automatically. I hope that you understand what I mean?

Here is a link to the spreadsheet



Hi. What kind of reward would be there for the winners?

Let me know your Skype ID. I can build this WP plugin for you, and set it up on your site with the current data. I have several years of experience in developing WordPress themes and plugins.


at the moment the winners don’t get anything, but I am in the process of creating a travelling Cup for them/us.
my skype ID is daniel.pettersson.expekt.