Plugin to allow users to pick a fight matchup.

Hi, I’m looking for a Wordpress plugin that will allow users to pick the matchups for a UFC event and track users success.

Is there anything like that?

For an example, as a user, I log in, pick 10 matchups for a card, I win 70% of them. My profile will now track that my win % is 70.

know it’s a long shot but any guidance would be of help.

Hi there,

I don’t know any specific plugins, but I see there are a few sport-related plugins on WordPress:

In addition, I see a Fantasy League plugin, not sure if that would work or not but worth sharing:

Here’s another page with a few WordPress sports plugins (some that sound like they may help):

Hope this gives some direction :slight_smile: Good luck!

Thank you,

I’m looking for something pretty specific so I may have to look into custom options.

Thanks again for your help.