Video Game League Plugin for Wordpress

I currently run a retro video gaming league in the United States, and am wanting a Wordpress plugin for my website.

The league has several types of competitions.

  1. We have Versus tournaments (e.g. Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam) that involve simple single elimination brackets, double elimination, and hybrid tournaments with group stages followed by single or double elimination.

  2. We have high score tournaments (e.g. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong). These are not bracketed since no one is directly competing against another. Instead, every entrant participates and is ranked according to score.

  3. We have speedrun tournaments (e.g. Sonic, Super Mario) where players try to complete objectives in the fastest time possible. Just like the high score tournament, there are no brackets. Players are ranked based on time.

Finally, we assign points to each player based on how they do within each tournament they enter. These points accumulate for a Player of the Year award.

I don’t know how much customization would be needed, but since each video game we have have different methods of scoring and competing, I do need a program capable of handling this.

I would also need the program to be able to accept player registrations and tournament entries, including entry payments.

You can try with this plugin .

If you want I can customize this or some other plugin.

Yeah, I’ve tried talking to them, but I have trouble communicating with them. Maybe because they’re in Australia.

One of the issues I have not been able to get an answer on is player registration for each tournament.

In SportsPress, while a player may have a profile, they would still need to register for each tournament, including making payments for each entry. I don’t know if SportsPress has this capability.

You can try to send them second email.

I’ve sent quite a few