New Plugin for Wordpress

Hello everyone

I need a plugin for wordpress, where to create room (Similary poker room) where registered users can challenge each other and win prizes.

the operation is very easy, an admin creates the event, such as 1v1 with 2 euro prize.

participants they click on the event and participating where the winner takes a prize of EUR 2. to participate will spend their budget profile 1 euro.

compete, and the winner takes the two euro.

the main function of the script must be:

  1. admin created event (Event name - Time and date of validity - Category Event (1v1 or RoundRobin) type game (Call of Duty or FIFA)
  2. change of events (closing game won, notes) and categories of events (1vs1 - 4vs4 - tournament - RoundRobin)
  3. budget profile where we can increase through paypal (if you want to insert or use this woocommerce) or winnings, if they lose decreases.
  4. Report Match where challengers indicate both who wins and who loses (for example in the user notification message for Appear insert match report just attend the event, and must communicate who won and who lost through a form)
  5. statistics for each player registered on the website (tournaments played, amount won)

available for any clarification.

budget : 250 $