Wordpress Football tournaments theme (maybe plugin also or not)


Football Tournaments

I need a theme for WordPress. (or u can make a full site also)

the WordPress blog will be a place for people to list their football tournament event.

So there will be a create tournament event function.

Where the event creator can add specifics about the tournament they are organizing.

Such as Tournament name , place , date and time , no of players allowed , game length time , contact nos , etc.

Every tournament created will have its own page where admins can add the match list.

Where we can show Team A vs Team B, and so on as


also include match time , scores to edit after match done.

Also the main page should have something like a view of all tournaments added.

I can describe more over Skype , etc.

Well i am not sure this can be done in WordPress or need to be done in something else.

Or there is something already available like this please let me know.


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