Help with a soft reject

Hey folks

I got a soft reject with instructions for re-submission. I would appreciate it if someone could just confirm if my reading of it is right or not.

"Thank you for your submission.

  1. The sounds or tracks need to be separated in the zip, as not all buyers have immediate access to audio editing software.

  2. You must list the variations in the description and write the duration of each. For example:

Item 1: 1:00
Item 2: 0:30

Please note that you must always write the actual duration of each
variation on the description, this is mandatory (writing it’s position
on the preview is optional)"

On point 1. I submitted a track with 5 variations. I had this as one long track containing the variations. Do I chop this into 5 differnt WAVs and MP3’s to include in the ZIP. Do I include a WAV with all 5 on it? Do I leave the 5 variations as one on the preview file only?

On point 2.
This is what I put in the description
Main song - (3:33)
Short version 1 - (2:33)
Short version 2 - (1:03)
Short version 3 - (0:33)
Short version 4 - (0:17)

Should I be putting in each variation what the difference in each version is?

Thanks in advance

Any chance a Mod could move this to the Audio forum for me please