Hard reject. Please help

Hi, guys.
I am newbie on AJ. Today I get first hard reject. I tried to find topics with specific reasons of rejections, but with no result. Can you help me to understand what I did wrong. Thank you for your time and advices.
rejected item

hi, i am not a musician neither am i an expert in music but according to me your work is good, i just thin that there’s something that u can embetter. this is about shortening the beginning as the first 1’50 minutes are a bit long or a bit to repetitive and make the thing look a bit long lasting or monotonous, by shortening it , u will make your track more “punchy” in my view

Thank you for answer. First part and whole piece is repetitive because of it was designed as a background. Only for creating atmosphere and mood.

yes i understand but if u wanna know how i feel that maybe the reason why it was rejected … try to think about it , some customers may also not like it so much and even if they select your track, they may have to try to shorten it on their own handsome do not like the idea, anyway, as i mentioned i am not an expert at all and this is just a personal opinion , u can take it just like it is lol as the opinion of one isolated guy who is not a pro … lol

yep, I understand you, I just explaining why its repetitive. Thanks for your thoughts.

in my side i was just introducing my point of view too :wink:

I wonder, is it technical/mixing issue or other properties of composition (length, form, etc) that are considered as not enough commercial.

@insolarj Great work bro!
First of all , don’t ever post rejected items without watermark (they can steal it)
My opinion is that first (repetitive part) could be only 8 bars (with the option of loop)
Even though I like the way it 'grows’
If costumers want to buy it. (In that way the track doesn’t have to be long)
But if they want it looped they’ve got it.
That’s how I do my stuff.
OR consider in making variations for the same theme.
For example do the first part (loop) than when you decide to extend make as another track, and the ‘explosion’ make as a third track.
in that way they have 3 in 1
I try to give them loops, in case they need them.
Second thing, check if you did right the mix-down (wave should be 16bit -44.1…preview file has to be mp3 320kbps)
Check if you missed something, and try to re-edit things on your second thought!
Overall I like your work honestly.
And sometimes rejected items shouldn’t be rejected.
Think over it, and re-upload it and write on the reviewers tab what you’ve changed and be honest about it.
Those guys are great, and understanding.
And their workload is huge.
Good luck bro! :slight_smile: You will love it here!

Thanks for your advices. I really appreciate that.
P.S. changed file for version with watermark

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