HELP where is support?

I am a customer pressured to do over 10 wordpressed websites and have no idea how it works. My client purchased Gates template but the Joomla version not the wordpressed version. I also purchased the 24 hour installation fee. I didn’t get a confirmation of the purchase so I checked the credit card and payment was taken out. After 24 hours and non response I started a ticket resolve the problem only to find out the purchase never went through. I then made another purchase (risking paying twice) to find out the payment did go through this time as it took me to a progress page. I mentioned the template that needed to be installed be exchanged for wordpressed and we’ve been waiting for the exchange. The seller EMAILED me a copy of Gates, the wordpress installation began only to find out they sent me the wrong version AGAIN. I made the purchase March 8th it’s not March 11th and zero signs of anyone wanting to resolve this issue. Is this the example of service? Why would I buy another 10 templates if my business isn’t important? Do you not care about costumer satisfaction?

You need to contact envato support if this relates to payment problems.

There is no obligation for refunds or exchanges when it comes to mistaken purchases (to help avoid exploitation and as part of the terms we all agreed to when buying items), but it sounds like the author is trying to help nevertheless even if you are still stuck.

No one in the forums can view payment history or private messages so given that it is difficult to understand where you have got to, envato support (usually theme support is via the auhtor not envato) will be the best route in this situation.

With respect if you are unfamiliar with WordPress then I would strongly advise your client finding someone to help you.

The themes and authors here are exceptionally good but there is an expected degree of expertise when buying them. No one likes to see anyone struggle but of course as with anything, there is only so much a complete beginner can do before you need to enlist the help of an expert.

This has happened to me today also. I was in need of an urgent theme to get on with a business website. I found one I liked on here and purchased by card. Got taken back to envato and there was no confirmation of purchase, my account says i have placed no orders and in the downloads folder there is nothing. Checked my bank account and the money has been taken out so I am now £60 down, envato says I have not placed any orders and there is nobody to contact about it. I have opened a support ticket with no response. I want an immediate response, this company have taken my money and I have nothing to show for it. Starting to think it is a scam! I wouldn’t hold out on getting a refund as there is no support and their payment system obviously doesn’t work well. Hope you get it sorted out though.

Do not panic ahead of time. The finance department does not work on weekends, so wait until Monday before making such conclusions.

Cat3843, I now am having the identical issue. Were you able to get your product or did they respond to your ticket??

You will receive a response from Envato Support likely within a business week.

I still do not have my product and have not received a response from the ticket that was filed. If I do however I’ll be sure to update. :frowning: