Help veterans, my item was rejected. Any idea of what I should do?

PHP, Forexsignals Forex Account Management

Any admin login details?


Password: 09055589180

Reason for rejection is " doesn’t meet standard"

I disabled cron job controller.

Please what should I do?

Well, because the item was hard rejected it means you won’t be able to resubmit this again without drastic changes. The admin panel is nice and extensive, though the script overall feels a bit too simple.

I disagree with this particular script having a full public landing website. Perhaps you could make that optional, so buyers who want to design their own website can do so, and then they will link to your script which would simply be the user control panel and billing system. This alone would make the script more versatile.

The billing system needs improvement. For a script that is based around subscriptions, you need to really put your all into the billing aspect. The admin should be able to start a subscription for a specific user (without payment), and should be able to change the status of a subscription or manually enter a payment (such as in the case of an IPN error, payment dispute, etc).

There should be built-in features such as renewal reminders and receipts (over email). How about coupon codes, and plans supporting multiple durations (e.g. 1 month, 6 months for a slight discount, 12 months for a larger discount)?

If possible, the script should support various payment gateways out of the box and handle subscriptions automatically. Check out omnipay if you haven’t heard of it.

Perhaps your script already does some of these things and I missed them – or perhaps some of them aren’t relevant – in which case, you can ignore those suggestions. But I hope this gives you a general idea of what the reviewer is looking for. You really need to fine tune every detail and feature to get accepted nowadays.

Thank you so much Bailey for your ernest review and feedback.

I’d work on the things you’ve said also check out on omnipay.

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