Help! Regarding Payout...

I have successfully setup Envato’s new payout last month, why I am getting this email:

Something went wrong and you won’t be getting paid this month.
You can set-up the payment again and contact Envato support for details

I have successfully put this last month & checked all the informations. Everything is correct there.

You’ll need to contact Author Support. The support link above is only for buyers.

I have already sent message there :frowning:

I see. In that case, you should wait patiently for an answer. They will need to move the ticket to the author support system, which will cause a delay, but you’ll still receive an answer.

From your screenshot on the Author Hub, it certainly seems like you did everything you were supposed to, so this might be a mistake on their end. The author support team will have the tools to investigate this for you. :+1:

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Thank you.

Hi @ITcroc,

Please check and make sure you have set your payout method here:


What date did you set it up?

It’s solved by envato team thanks