Help Presentation upload file problem (pttx. google slide, key)

how can I upload 3 different main files to sell the same presentation template with a different format (ppt, google slide and keynote)?
I find some author can upload one presentation template to 3 different items with a different format (ptt, google slide, keynote)
on the picture, I just can click one main file


You have to submit one by one.

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Thanks for your answer,I find author can upload 3 different items at the same time.
I think there is another way to do that

Hi there:
I help you below information:

Image Preview:
Image format .jpg 590px x min 300px (not .zip) design preview.

80px x 80px image thumbnail format .jpg or .png (not .zip)

Main Files
File for buyer format .zip any design (.pttx, google slide, etc) and also documentation (.pdf or txt or rft)

Good Luck regards.

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Then you have to include all pptx, keynote and google slides in the same zip file (1 zip file only).


hi no u cannot do this indeed, they offer u to choose from different formats , if u want to bring many formats to te table, just make a global zip and select one of the formats from the list and this is it

sorry i said the same as u did , i did not see your message yet …