How to upload screen shots for powerpoint presentation

I created my first powerpoint presentation template. Now I want to upload it, I read almost all instructions from evanto but I did not find how and where I can upload screenshots of my templates.

I saw where and how to upload

  1. Image preview
  2. Thumbnail (to be shown on listing)
  3. Image preview.

I thought that I can combine my screenshots together using photoshop but when I check other products on the market and try to click on the images it open screenshots where you can see the image of one slide after another. So this is confusing, where can I upload these screenshots so that they can be included there?

I would appreciate fast respond, I can’t wait to upload my first work.

Thank you all

Never seen this before. Can you please show one of item with “one slide after another”?

I got solution, thank you romlam for your concern


Go to any powerpoint presentation template let say this one template then hover your mouse on the preview image, and click it. Slide show of images will start with arrow to the left and right. Note my words on the original post “see the IMAGE of one slide after another.”, thank you