Help on Hard Reject

Hello composers,

this time I really need some help, as I can’t absolutely figure out what was wrong with this track. I have really done my best and I think it sounds ok, but maybe there is something that I am missing. It has been hard rejected despite all my efforts to make it. I am honestly a bit disappointed as I have heard tracks with out of tune guitars, bad mixing, whatever…but more than that I can’t really figure out what was wrong with this.

Many thanks!

I agree with you, there really doesnt seem to be anything seriously wrong with this track. Composition sounds great and catchy, I really like it.
I guess the melody could seem a bit too complex for Audiojungle, also I find it a bit too loud. I’ts possible that it would work better as an bed version or just with an simplified, quieter lead melody. But I think its a great composition in general, wish you all the best!

Thank you very much for taking your time to listen to it, I really appreciate!

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Hi my friend, the music is very nice but it’s a little soft. How to evaluate commercially, i don’t know.
For example, It may be that some of the music stops and starts over or may turn into harder hits in the continuation. For example, the music has to change somewhere and better not go the same style.
Good luck my friend. Hope i can help.

Hiya, catchy tune :-)…the melody is way too complicated though. I agree with Frodonut, too complex. It sounds like something that would fit well into the “elevator” music genre if the melody was simplified. I really like the “bridge” section and thought that could have come sooner.
I agree with the other authors here, commercially this is difficult to place as it is.
Good luck with it,
all the best

Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking your time to have a listen. It’s always good to have other ears, and yes, I often end up with too complicated stuff :wink:

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