Hard Rejected - Help Required

Need help . "unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required … "


Very beautiful track, well done, I like it!
I don’t know the reason of rejection, but the line of female voice is in my opinion too simple, if I was you, I could try to make a simple legato line, maybe the separate notes are not very realistic… It’s only my idea, I’m not a specialist!
Anyway, great work! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply!

Track already removed… so I can’t help you, sorry!

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I opened the track

Thanks, listening to it right now.
There are nice ideas, and the overall sound is good I think, but starting at 1.30 there is a problem for me: the rhythm of the percussion, it is a bit slow and calm, but at the same time the song turn into a kind of “epic” thing, so something does not fit totally well here, at least to my hear.

I am also, like @Floberaudio, not a fan of what the voice does. To be the first part of the song is really nice, but the “epic” part could neeed some more work. But I don’t know what advice I could give you, I don’t know how to compose this kind of tracks. I simply listen to some of them here on AJ…

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Thank you for your feedback)