Help! My first track has been rejected?


I uploaded my first track today and an hour later I received an email explaining my track has been rejected with the following comment.

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard either, unfortunately.

You can listen to the track here:

They also suggest I take tutorials to help meet the submission requirements but the call-to-action leads me to the general FAQ page…

If anyone can offer me some advice I’d appreciate it.


Hello! Your track is cool. Good idea, very cool sound. I can find only one reason for reject: it’s not standart. Maybe try to create some standart tracks (listen AudioJungle trends to understand them). And when your portfolio will contain 30-40 tracks I think you can try to upload more experimental tracks and they will have more chances to be approved. Your music is beatiful and has very quality sound! Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your kind words and feedback, I will do as you suggested and check out what’s currently on audiojungle. It’s going to be strange making other type of music just for the sake of creating a portfolio.

I must admit I find it kinda odd that they would reject it just because it’s not what they’re used to hosting (if that is the case), as if they’ve already determined nobody could have use for it.

Thanks again,

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Personally I like your track, their loss not yours.


HI, George! It’s frustrating when your track gets rejected. I’ve had at least as many rejects (probably more) than I’ve had accepted tracks, but it does make getting it accepted feel that much better. Sometimes the tiniest thing is what makes the difference, since they have so many tracks to sift through every day.

I like your track–you’ve got some really cool ideas. I think one of the issues, though, might be with the vocals. They’re a little overpowering at times…in volume, sound quality, and harmony. I use sampled voices too, and it’s hard to get them to sound quite right and not be distracting. Personally, I think that if you could get live vocals recorded for this track, it could be a really great track. It’s just hard to feature a sampled vocalist because its weaknesses show through. It can sound too breathy or buzzy. Also try to keep the volume a bit more consistent throughout, especially at the beginning (maybe by controlling velocity or using a compressor), and watch out for hovering on pitches that clash with the background harmony. Tension and release is important, but too much tension can be distracting.

Hope that helps, and know you’re totally not alone!


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Josiah thank you for your feedback I appreciate it a lot, I’ll work on those vocals :slight_smile:

Wow! An hour later? I have items waiting in queue for a month!

Hmm. Your track has been reviewed in one hour? Very quickly! It usually takes about one month.

Maybe your track a little monotonous, but it sounds very mystifying!