Help, my developer is saying my theme is no longer supported

I purchased Academy theme a few years ago, it has since crashed and my developer is saying it is no longer supported. I just checked on Envato and it is saying support is available.

Is this true or not?

How can someone ruin 100s of businesses if this is the case by not supporting a theme?


Noone ruines everything.
If you business is on a simple 59$ theme, without having someone to maintenance your web site, making it work right etc, then that is a problem.

Also - most probably - your developer is bored to fix your issues or he does not know, so he comes and say " it is not supported ".
Famous method.

Assuming it’s this theme then it says it is still supporting WP 4.7 so all you would need to do is download the latest version and update the theme.

If you bought it years ago then you would no longer be entitled to author support but nothing is stopping you downloading the latest version of the theme.

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Thank you Charlie!

I did need to repurchase the theme again!!!

Why would you do that? there is no reason to buy it twice - you get lifetime of theme updates included.