Help me understand why was this rejected?

I’ve only had three tracks hard rejected here and I understood was always because they were not commercial enough for AJ but this time I don’t get it. Is it mixing a bit dry for commercial standards? the only reason I can figure out but as notes from reviewers are not specific…

Any comments appreciated :slight_smile:

No comments?

I like this but from my macbook speakers the drum sounds too invasive, especially the snare, the whole track sound very dry as well, did they rejected it because not commercial enough?

Thanks! Yep the note said: "…submission does not meet our commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and our commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately."
I can understand the issues about the mix (and that can be worked around) but not the commercial potential ¿?. In any case I think I can’t resubmit even fixing what is not working according to the rules…a bit dissapointing :frowning:

being the reviews this vague is always about to impossible to understand what is wrong, now, seen that they had limited the number of submission an author can do at the same time, they should improve the quality of the feedback they give after a rejection

Maybe but considering the amount of tracks uploaded everyday even with the limitation implemented it would have no positive impact on the site so I don’t think they will implement a more detailed feedback in the near future. You know is just a numbers game.

i never tried to re upload an hard rejected item and i think i never will