Why was this track hard rejected?

"This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately. "
Can you give me some feedback on this track? I don’t really understand why it was hard rejected?



I don’t know why - sounds good to me!
Great production by the way, so I can’t think that’s the reason
Seems to share some similarities to your ‘Fashionable Electronic Pop Dance’, with the sped up/slowed down vocals and catchiness (I know they’re different tempos and styles) - that one sold so why could this one not as well?

I can imagine this on some kind of sports video, or maybe a product demo, or showing off skills video etc etc, or anything requiring some catchy, quirky energy

The only thing I can think is maybe it was a little too unusual for the particular reviewer - not that it’s totally wacky or anything :wink:
It still sounds commercial to me, but there are some quite quirky sounds and ideas going on - but I like it for that reason, and would have thought it would help it to stand out a bit more.

Maybe someone with more AJ experience than me can shed some further light…

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Hi David, thanks for your feedback! I worked hard on this, so I’m hoping that I can resubmit after some changes. This version on the soundcloud is clean version, I had some nature/beach noises in the background on the intro and break in the main version, so that might be the problem…

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Hi no problem
That could well be it
Good luck with the resubmit!

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I guess beach and nature fx noises were the problem. I resubmited clean version and it got accepted! :slight_smile:
I’m very happy this turned out well, I even put together my first youtube video with some cool parkour video footage. I think it works great for that purpose :slight_smile:


Great stuff all round and I like the video too :slight_smile:

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Great track and video WaveToys! Excellent work :thumbsup:

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are we allowed to resubmit hard rejcted tracks? I thought that wasn’t possible…

You have to make major changes to resubmit. Also, I’ve put a note to reviewer that this was rejected but I will like to resubmit and listed changes that I’ve done.


Hi! I’m glad you managed to resubmit and get approved. My track was also rejected (hard) by AudioJungle and I would love to hear some tips on why you might think this is the case. All feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @FYAudio!

I think the problem is quality of your samples and mix and mastering. Guitar sounds very dry, drums are too quiet and lo-fi, the whole track sounds a bit dark, you need to make it brighter and clean low end a bit. Arangement is too streched and doesn’t have logical flow. Piano sounds a bit cheap, so try to find some better library. I think track in general lacks good mix and master and that’s the main problem.
Hope this helps, I wish you good luck in your future uploads!

Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

Thank you @WaveToys! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to the track. I will keep your comments in mind for next upload.