After 99 songs approved then 2 hard rejections, why ? What's change here??


I’m here since 2010, I have lots of experience in general with composition, mixing and mastering, and I’ve published 99 songs without any problem before. However my two last submissions had being hard-rejected without any explanation that what could lead to that. Just a generic message that is so general that it doesn’t help at all.

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.

What changes here !? The track could like some or not artistically, but I think is technically and commercially good enough and original to be published here… I’m sure of that. If AJ have now some new standards about something they should announce it.

Heres the track that was rejected, please need feedback:

I’m really angry about this.

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can’t see track.

It’s a public track in soundcloud you should see the player above, paste the following link if not:


Hi Sonicbyte, they have definitely raised the quality requirements recently. I have over 130 items yet I’ve had several new uploads unexpectedly rejected in the last month. Some other authors have reported the same.

My guess with this particular track is a combination of the use of the kick, which is very loud and intense, and unusual by not being on the downbeat (not seen as being very ‘commercial’). Also, the mix of the acoustic guitar which is harsh and thin, so the overall mix isn’t very warm. But unless they give more specific feedback it’s anyone’s guess ¯\(ツ)

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Thanks for the feedback, I agree the kick it’s a bit unusual but if they only accept from now on 4/4 beats with the kick on the root then this site will soon “sound” all the same and boring.
I always try to make something different with my songs, maybe it’s too much, but they are contradictory in their statement for Authors: “We encourage originality” they said… anyway I sent a ticket requesting more feedback.

Btw, if the mix is the problem as you pointed out (and they give me that explanation) the track could be soft-rejected and then I could do something about it to fix it… We all spent lots of time composing and arranging our music, at least they could give us a chance to fix things if the song has technical issues by giving REAL feedback.

Thanks again

Most items that get hard rejected by experienced authors should in fact only be soft rejected by older standards. It seems they’ve brought on new reviewers who seem to lack enough experience in audio design to understand an experienced author can easily change things like mixing. My guess is reviewers never regard author sales or rating when reviewing items.


I agree with you, unless the issue was the “style” of the whole song or something catastrophic like that… any other technical issue could be easily change by any of us.