Help me to find out a reson for hard rejected WordPress Theme

Hi Community,

We have uploaded a new WordPress theme in ThemeForest and it’s Hard Reject only half an hour.
so, I don’t understand how to check theme in a review process and what’s wrong in my theme. I have lot’s of hard work for creating this theme approx 6month and he rejected only half hours. so community checks my theme and please give me a review. My theme demo link is below.

Thank you

I am sorry you had a reject.

I think the issue is that this type of theme has been done too many times, you have to come up with something original with an unique style.

I had a hard reject myself with this theme, still trying to figure it out…

Thank you for your review and next time we build a unique style.

You can start by check sections spacing (up/down), logo is too bad and contrast. Here are some resources for you:

good luck

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Hi @themes_story

Thank you for your reference and definitely, it’s helping me in my next projects.

Thank you again