Wordpress Theme hard reject

I had a hard reject for my WP theme.
That was in the email

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

  1. Any incomplete, not prime-ready, outdated, bland or copied themes are hard rejected. Improvements are required! This applies to converted items as well.

This is my theme

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My quick review:

  • too simple design
  • too much unused spaces


  • very bad typography
  • bad margins

Do not give up and refine the theme. Good luck!

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Your design is too basic bad typography, margin & padding, need spacing, etc.

Your need practice more for approved themeforest sell.

Good Luck


Why used search bar if the form is displayed in fullscreen?

thank you

i like it! but i don’t know much about the coding and such… but i think do think it’s a very nice theme… layout… spaces… i see nothing wrong with it.

thank you very much I think too the coding is issue
but can I clean it and resubmit again

how can i know the exact issue ??


Solve basic problems. Make your theme premium. Probably only then you will receive a soft reject and given exactly what you still need to improve.