Wordpress Theme got hard rejected

I got hard rejected for my theme, can anyone please help me why.
I have tried for months to create 2 first items, but all rejected. Please! help me point out bugs. Thank you guys for your preciuos time!
Here is my theme: https://maimodel.lohatheme.com

It’s a slightly confused concept and it feels very inspired (down to layouts, code, and content) to Mousiqua | Music Band & Musician OnePage WordPress Theme by webRedox

Assuming that the reviewer didn’t reject if for that -

  • Typography esp font choices and hierarchy need work

  • Create a light version too

  • The portfolio could be bigger/better given the visual nature of the topic

  • The modal project info in the works would be better as full pages and offer different formats and layouts

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Thank you so much for your advice, It means the world to me. Could I ask, how to check if my theme familiar to other theme (like Mousiqua in this case).

The reviewers have several ways to check but they do not share the exact process as that would make it redundant.

In your case there’s exact duplicate elements which makes it very easy to spot

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thank you so much!