Help me !!!!!!!!! It's been 7 days since my approved items haven't appeared in my portfolio.

Hello, I am an approved video template author on Envato Elements, our team has more capabilities in the market where we consistently produce video and graphic items,
A week ago I tried to upload a graphic and it was approved, but the item didn’t appear in my element portfolio.

If we are prohibited from uploading on graphics then why can other authors play in the category? Meanwhile, in our team there are those who specialize in graphics and there are those who specialize in video.

Please help answer our questions so we can know where to move in the future, because our employees’ salaries are still ongoing. while our items have not yet been produced and are hidden, they can only be seen on the author’s dashboard.
Thank You .
our best regards

It’s been 8 days since it was approved and it hasn’t appeared in my portfolio

2 days ago we also received notification that the item had been approved but it had not yet appeared in our element portfolio

and it happened again, 5 hours ago our item was approved but nothing has yet appeared in our element portfolio

Hi @OldGraphc - thanks for raising this! I’ll see what I can find out for you, as I’m a little rusty on the details of how Elements Graphics content is published.

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OK, I will wait for the information you will give us! First of all, we thank you for what you have done for us

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No worries - I’ve been able to find out some more information about this.

All Elements accounts go through a portfolio review before they are approved for specific categories, and we made some changes in late December that affect the item categories that each Elements Author account can publish content to. This means that our item publishing rights now more consistently match the review process: for example, an account that was approved for Code can’t publish items for Graphics.

It looks like your Elements account was originally approved for Video content. To publish content for additional item types on Elements, you can apply for access to new categories HERE. Please note that all applications require a portfolio that matches the content type that you’re applying for - for example, any Graphics application that links to a portfolio of Photos or Video content would be rejected, as the reviewers for that category will need to see relevant item examples.

If your account is approved for Elements Graphics, any graphics items that have previously been approved (e.g. passed review during January) but were not published (not appearing in your Elements portfolio) would be automatically published at that point.

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