Elements Video Author - can I also apply to sell Graphics?

I have an Envato author account specifically for video content, but I recently tried to upload some graphics. The uploads were approved, but when I checked the product page, I couldn’t find them. Is it allowed to upload graphics as a video author on Envato? If so, why aren’t my graphics appearing on the product page even after approval? Has anyone else encountered this issue before?

For Envato Market you can upload graphics as well and if approved those should appear on your GraphicRiver portfolio. But if you are Envato Elements author and approved for videos only, then only your videos approved for VideoHive go to Envato Elements, while items other than videos stay only on Envato Market.

Thank you for the explanation. If I understand correctly, for Envato Elements, if I am only approved for videos, then only my videos approved for VideoHive will be included in Envato Elements, while items other than videos will remain only on Envato Market.

In this case, is it possible for me to request permission and approval from Envato Elements to also sell graphics on my Envato Elements account?

That’s right. You can apply to get approved for graphics as well. Show them your best work or link for portfolio on some other platform.

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