Existing Elements Author for Photos - How Can I Sell Videos Too?


I’m already an approved author on elements for selling photos, but I can’t see a way to get my videos across as well?

The author application form seems aimed at someone who isn’t already an approved author, so I’m a bit confused.

How can I get my videos (which are already on VideoHive) across to Elements?

Thanks in advance


When you upload videos for VideoHive and those get approved they transfer videos to Elements as well, but for that you need to be approved author for video category on Elements. Then you get to see that option for video upload on your author dashboard.


Thanks for the reply. So do you mean I need to use the form here: Sign In | Envato Account and apply, even though I’m already an approved elements author (for photos)?

Thanks for assisting

If when you access author dashboard through link I shared above and you go to dropdown that shows Upload > Stock Video, Video Templates, and after you click either of those you don’t see option to upload, that means your application was for photos only and that’s the only category where you can upload. In that case you need to apply for videos as well the same way you applied for photos. I am author on Elements as well and I can upload videos but not photos because I am approved for video category.

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Thanks, looks like I’ll use that form then.

Appreciate the help.

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