Envato Elements help

Need help about Elements from experienced authors…I haven’t paid attention to it in a long time.Now I have received the invitation and I am going through the procedure…so if someone can explain me…no, it is not about very complex earnings :)…I want to know basic stuff.If I upload file from my portfolio, a current project that already exists ( is it possibile at all or it has to be new one?!)…if I do that, what is happening with that project? I mean, is it still exsist on my Videohive portfolio or it has to be removed and he then exists only on Elements??? I hope you understand me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I am not quite sure how it works…so a litlle help will be welcome :slight_smile:

You can have it on both platforms,as a matter of fact to be able to publish items on elements they must be previously reviewed and released in your case on Videohive and then you can publish it on elements

Thanks for an answer…so, it does not have to be new project, it can be project that already exists on my Videohive portfolio (previously reviewed and released) ?! :slight_smile:

Yes yes :cat: