can anyone help me...? I am an author on Envato Elements

Why can’t I upload my design because access is denied when I want to upload it…? However I can see my envanto dashboard.

If you write for which section (videohive,audiojungle,themeforest etc) you want to upload, friends who produce content in a different style can help

I am an author on Envato Elements

Unlike the other content types (as mentioned above), graphics items do not need to be uploaded through Envato Market before being added to Envato Elements. If you have been invited to contribute to Envato Elements, you can upload your graphic items to sell on Envato Elements through the Elements Contributor App.

See all the details on how you can upload your graphics items to the Elements Contributor App in the Graphics section of Upload Methods.

I’ve become an Envato Element contributor and have used the Elements app to upload my items but the problem is I can’t upload items anymore because access is denied… do you know the reason why access is denied? and how to fix it sir?

Clear browser cache and cookies and try again. otherwise you should to contact Envato author support.

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